Sunday, March 2, 2008

Special Education

I just had to write all about how blessed I have been in the process of getting Special Ed services for my autistic son. I've heard and even experienced through my brother some pretty horrendous horror stories related to special education. Parents having to fight tooth and nail for their child, and children set up to fail because the school districts just don't want to have to deal with them. I was very nervous starting this process for my son a few months ago because of these experiences.

However, from day one I have been pleasantly surprised and encouraged by the system. The teachers, evaluations, and administrators have all been very helpful; they answer my questions, they are open to communication, and they go out of their way to understand my son better. I am welcome to e-mail my concerns or questions, and his teacher, his ST, and his OT all write me back. His teacher will even send home little notes about small successes or things she knows I want to hear. Every day when we pick him up, we get a report on what he did that day. The best part for me is that I've been invited to come in and watch his sessions with the ST and OT.

Not only is there excellent communication, but the quality of education has been amazing! He is growing in small ways, and has actually reached out to other children. The people that work with him are great at knowing that he isn't mean, he's not aggressive or dangerous, he's just a little boy that needs help learning how to deal with other children. They see the signs of sensory overload and are willing to work with him to calm down, and want to learn more about how to help him. They see him as a child, not a terror. They see his heart and his willingness to learn, they see beyond the autism, something precious few adults in his life are willing to do.

So thank you to the teachers, aides, therapists, and administrators who've all made this such a positive thing in our lives. Thank you for loving my son.

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Nicole said...

I didn't know he was autistic? or maybe I did and forgot!
How is he doing? Still well?
I am glad you are getting great support!